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Safety of the Equipments

RTCPL boasts off with a workshop area of 2 Lakhs Sq. Ft. for the Maintenance of all the Axles, Pullers and other machineries.

Regular maintenance is carried out on all the vehicles by maintenance engineers and with our specialised team of experts from Volvo & TII..

All the vehicles should possess all the necessary vehicle FITNESS CERTIFICATE, PERMITS and other mandatory updated documents.

Safety Equipments – Certified & Tested

Securing the cargo requires safe and tested materials. RTCPL never compromises on the safety gears for securing cargo. All the safety equipments are tested, maintained and certified on a regular basis..

All safety equipments viz Bow shackles, chain slings, Turn Buckles, D Shackles etc are used as per SWL.

Safety of the Axles/Pullers

All the RTCPL owned Axles & Pullers go under rigorous Inspection, Service and Maintenance on a regular basis on the supervision of VMT/TII Engineers.

This routine helps us in ensuring the longevity of the trailers, making sure all the components are in safe working order before a journey has been planned.

All the necessary components viz: Tires, Wheels, Lug Nuts, Wheel Hubs, Bearings, Brakes, Axles, Welds, Couplers, Lights, Electrical components etc are well inspected before and after a journey.

Camera monitoring – for monitoring thefts/accidents and other uninvited incidents enroute.

Safety of the People : Worker Welfare


Shows the commitment of RTCPL’s management and workers to health and safety

Aims to remove or reduce the risks to the health, safety and welfare of all workers, contractors and visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations

Aims to ensure all work activities are done safely.

Routine Medical Checkups

RTCPL believes in Healthy Employee, Healthy Business Policy.

All the personals undergo routine medical checkups at our Head Office on a regular basis.

Its objective is to determine whether an individual is fit to perform his or her job without any risk to himself or others.

Personal Protective Equipments PPE

Compulsion is made when it comes to PPE. RTCPL ensures to provide PPE to the workers and educate them about their use taking into consideration their Availability, Storage, Maintenance, Cleaning and their Limitations.

Worker Training on safety and journey management

RTCPL is proud of its well experienced team of drivers, operators, supervisors, helpers, escort personal and all other people involved in the RTCPL journey.

We have personals who share a great experience of more 15 years to their subordinates and this in turn helps us in building a great team of people who are the pride of RTCPL.

Fitness of all the personals is taken on top priority.

Personal protective equipments PPE is mandatory to be worn by all the crew members.

Tool box talks are carried out at regular intervals before and during the journey.

All necessary Journey management procedures are taken care and necessary training is provided to the team responsible for cargo movement.

This includes but not limited to:

Parking procedure

Communication procedure

Emergency situation handling procedure

Regular cargo checking procedure

Stop work methodology

Safety tips

First aid tips….to name a few.

Safety of the cargo

Cargo, cargo units and cargo transport units shall be so packed and secured within the unit as to prevent, throughout the voyage, damage or hazard to the vehicle and the persons on board.

Appropriate precautions shall be taken during loading and transport of heavy cargoes or cargoes with abnormal physical dimensions to ensure that no structural damage to the cargo occurs.

All the necessary

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